Spring Wildlife Tour – Major Marine Tours – 4 Hours

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Spring Wildlife Tour – Major Marine Tours – 4 Hours

Time: 12:30 pm

Duration: 4h

Meal: No meal

Tour Dates
03/08/2024 - 05/12/2024

907 224 2323
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Prices do not include Seward's 7% sales tax and $3.50 head tax


Join us for our first cruise of the season as we search for gray whales on their incredible annual migration. Every year, gray whales migrate over 10,000 miles round-trip between Baja and the Bering and Chukchi Seas – the longest migration route of any mammal. These whales begin migrating north in late February and arrive in Alaska in the spring, spending the summer feeding in shallow Arctic waters before migrating south in mid-October. They deliver their calves in the warm, protected lagoons off the coast of Baja in the winter.

Snacks, beverages, beer, and wine are available for purchase